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Oh, Orly —

October 13, 2009

You wacky, wacky gal. I’m supposed to be reading On Rhetoric right now, but thanks to your latest shenanigans (and Cronopio), I’m instead engrossed in Judge Land’s most excellent retort to your pathetic plea for attention.

Sweetie, give it up. Seriously. If you aren’t disbarred because of this latest round of misconduct, you surely will be after the next round.

No love,


ETA: It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a judicial order is my light reading for the night. On the other hand, it’s really well written. And kind of snarky.


Around town

October 11, 2009

I took D to see The Lens of Impressionism: Photography and Painting Along the Normandy Coast, 1850–1874 at the U of M Museum of Art yesterday. It was an interesting exhibit and worth a visit, but man, oh man did the lighting designer screw up on one of the walls. The lights are situated in such a way that there’s a heavy shadow from the top edge of the frames intruding on the paintings themselves. These shadows are so intrusive that at first, it looks as though they’re a part of the painting. I’m calling it a mistake, because paintings on the other three walls don’t have this problem — it’s only the one wall.

Aside from those issues, there were a great many photographs and paintings of Normandy, and what was interesting was how the curator set it up so that the viewer could see the same general image, but from the perspective of multiple artists/photographers. Oddly, it was whilst we were looking at these that I finally understood why Plato (via Socrates) was against art, because it doesn’t accurately portray reality — it portrays the artist’s singular vision of a reality that doesn’t encompass the whole. One of the photographers — Davanne, I think — deliberately framed one of his images of Étratat so that only the fishing boats and ramshackle buildings could be seen. According to the accompanying information, he wanted very much to convey the sense that this small fishing village still retained its rural character despite the fact that beyond the framing, there was actually a fairly large tourist town complete with hotels and casinos.

The stupid thing is, I’ve known this forever, but I didn’t make the connection until yesterday. And the same is true of writing — it doesn’t encompass the whole of the writer’s thoughts, it only conveys a very small and specific portion of the writer’s thoughts. But that’s okay. It really shouldn’t do more than that, because honestly? My brain is a scary enough place as it is, and I don’t think anyone else needs to be rooting around in there. Anyway, it was my little epiphany for the weekend, and I’m happy with it.

Finally, to the campus planners at the University of Michigan: handicap accessible restrooms means that anyone can get through the door, not just the able-bodied. Your restrooms in the basement of the new section of the UMMA pretty much fail this basic test of usability. Hell, I had trouble opening the damn doors, and I’m a healthy adult. D, who is 88 years old and who uses a motorized scooter to get around, could not get into and out of the men’s room without help. Add the electric openers already, would you?


Jay Smooth, I think I love you.

October 7, 2009

For the record, yes, Roman Polanski, there is a jail cell with your name on it. Suck it up and take it like a man already. Fucking asshole.



Frakkin’ meow

September 12, 2009

I’m writing up my pencil instructions using — yes — a pencil. And I hurt, because carpal tunnel syndrome is the worst. Anyway, two pages down and another four or five to go before I’m finished. It’s due on Wednesday, so if I do a couple of pages a day, I think I can keep my hand and wrist from freaking out too badly. I could dose myself with a dram from my whisky shelf and keep my muscles relaxed enough to write longer, but based on the half of a glass of wine I had while writing out page two, that’s probably not a good idea. Had to use the eraser a few too many times, eh?


It’s Saturday night, and the Sci Fi Channel (I refuse point blank to use that ridiculous new spelling) has a ridiculous and no doubt cheesy movie coming up at 9 p.m. It’s called Lightning Strikes, and I won’t even bother pulling it up on, because Kevin Sorbo stars, and that right there is pretty much the kiss of death in terms of a project having even a small degree of credibility.

Yeah, okay, sentient killer lightning, which is the protagonist in this masterpiece of cheese, is probably the greater sin than Kevin Sorbo, but seriously, the premise plus the actor? Equals bad and badder.


Score One For The Princess Bride

September 6, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there really are RUUSes* in the world.

* Rodents of UnUsual Size


Fail moar!

September 5, 2009

Oh,, you continue to fail SO HARD:

“Should 30 million dollars be spent on private development of retail spaces or should it be spent on developing a better high-speed retail system to and from Saline and Chicago and electric trolley system for local districts in Ann Arbor?”

The structure of this question makes me want to bleach my brain. The first part is okay. It’s straightforward and easy to understand. The second part is where the author of the question lost at grammar. My guess is that they didn’t intend to suggest a “better high-speed retail system to and from Saline and Chicago,” because seriously, Saline’s retail system is on life support. Unless, perhaps, they meant a “better high-speed rail system?” But that doesn’t make sense either, because 1) there isn’t an existing high speed rail system in place to begin with, so “better” is out of the question, and 2) the only rail system in Saline is a truncated service line that runs to the old Ford Plant.

So maybe the author meant to suggest upgrading the existing rail system between Chicago and Ann Arbor and adding local electric trolley service between Ann Arbor and neighboring municipalities. And I say this only because “electric trolley system for local districts in Ann Arbor” does not compute, Will Robinson.

Dear god. My niece could write better copy than that, and she’s only a senior in high school.


Interesting conversation

August 23, 2009

Cesperanza pointed out this post, which I thought was immediately recognizable as satire, but further down in the comments, you see people coming in who pretty much missed the point. Skud shut down comments on that post and set up a second post to explain the first post.

It’s an interesting conversation all the way around, because really, the thing is that depending on where you are in the blogosphere, there’s a reasonable chance that the bloggers will skew toward one gender or the other. In my fannish life, bloggers skew female (best guestimate for my experience is 95% female), but more to the point is that unless I know the guy(s), I generally avoid blogs written by men, and that’s something I didn’t notice until I read the posts listed above.

Why do I avoid male bloggers? It’s a good question, and it’s one I’m going to have to think about.