Productive? Maybe.

September 3, 2009

I’ve started reading On Rhetoric by Aristotle. I haven’t gotten to the text of the translation yet — I’ve only read through the Introduction and am partway through Kennedy’s intro to Book 1, Chapter 1 — but so far, the information seems to be much of what I already know but am now getting the vocabulary to explain what I know. This is a good thing, but until I get my brain into the swing of the language, it will also be a mildly painful thing.

At least I feel like I’m doing something. This three-week break between semesters is for the birds. Seriously. I’m practically climbing the walls right now, and that’s even with a very tiny part-time job to occupy two percent of my brain (I’m a page at the local library, and for what I’m getting in compensation, it kind of feels like volunteer work; on the other hand, I get to take advantage of the library discount when ordering books, so that’s all to the good).

Is it September 9 yet?


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