[bleary eyed]

August 2, 2009

Is it August 20 yet?

Met with my most awesome grad group earlier today and hashed out a few last things with regard to the project, finished putting together my print-to-Web page and am getting ready to contact my test users. Am also getting ready to write the essay on that. Added a couple-hundred words to my sooper-sekrit identity project and hope to finish the writing on that sometime this week.

Meanwhile, my living space is starting to look a bit like a killing field, what with all the catnip mice Calliope captures from the toy box in the den and brings down to show me. This morning, I woke up to this sight:

The killing field of Russellgate.

The killing field of Russellgate.

Pretty horrific, wouldn’t you say?



  1. Oh, the huge manitee!

    No wait, that’s not right for this scene of
    senseless death and destruction. As we discussed, I hope you called the Cat CSI team to come and investigate. Their motto: “We luv de dead bodeez”. On the other hand, no need to investigate when you already know who the perp is. Best to just give the case over to the DA’s office and let them handle it as they see fit.

    • The perp is thoroughly unrepentant, and the carnage continues nightly. I’m just waiting for ABC to call with an offer of an after school special, “Calliope, Portrait of a Feline Sociopath.”

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