Borders (a parenthetical post)

July 24, 2009

Borders has been taunting me for the last several months with the bound edition of The Gormenghast Novels by Mervin Peake, and last night, I finally caved in to the totally unreasonable pressure their very existence represented and bought the damn thing. These are odd stories, and the first I heard of them was several years ago, when BBC made a miniseries which then aired on BBC America. I bought the DVDs when they came out, because it was an interesting presentation. I expect the novels will be better, though.

In other news, though my social life is, in fact, on the critical list, I’m actually [gasp] getting out of the house tonight and having face-to-face contact with not one, but two, count them two friends. And I’m also going to see Harry Potter. Couldn’t manage to get through book six (nor book five, come to think of it, and I had a hell of a struggle forcing my way through book seven), but I have (possibly unreasonable) hope that the movie will be better.

Meanwhile, I need to prettify myself (Whedon, I hate you), just in case I meet the man of my dreams tonight.



  1. let me know what the ghormengast books are like, it’s been on my list for ages.

    • Did you ever see the miniseries? It did a fairly decent job of translating the quirkiness of the books. But yes, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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