Happiness is a warm…something or other

July 18, 2009

Am currently at Halle Library and feeling virtuous about doing something with my wiki pages. I just hope I’m doing the right something. Meanwhile, I have a deadline for my sooper-sekrit identity and a call to make to Emmy about our not-so-sekrit project.

Hell, who am I kidding? I have deadlines all over the place, though I think I may try to kill one of those projects sooner rather than later. Specifically, I’m thinking about my reflective essay for the blogging assignment. I’ve had a blog since October 2003, so I think I’m safe to get this one done early.

My print-to-web page is … meh. I wanted to do one thing, but I’m having trouble getting the coding to behave the way I want it to, so I may go with a different, though equally valid, solution.

Am meeting with my grad project group tomorrow morning, which, yay! I’m looking forward to our meat-space meet-n-greet, because even though online works (kind of), it’s not the same as actual contact.

Hm. Speaking of virtuousity, I have a reading to complete and respond to. Busy, busy, busy…


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