If it’s Wednesday, this must be…

July 15, 2009

Generally speaking, I love Only Niece. But she’s 16 going on 17 and has turned into a moody brat. I know I’m not allowed to drown her, but the idea is tempting, and I’m not entirely convinced Sis would stop me.

Yes, it’s been that bad.

But at least we’re back home and don’t need to fret over it too much more, because Sis and Only Niece are heading back to their home tomorrow, which means we can get back to normal around here (for values of normal that don’t mean I’m in a near-homicidal rage).

Have finished exercises 9 & 10 for (X)HTML/CSS and am going to work on exercises 11 & 12 tonight. Tomorrow’s plans involve a trip to the airport first thing in the a.m. then working on my portion of the grad project as well as more entries for the wiki project [whimpers]. And somewhere in there, I need to start my story for McShep match [whimpers more]. Dear god, what was I thinking when I signed up for that? Wait. Don’t answer. I don’t want to be reminded of my own unreasoning optimism.

ETA: Just looked through exercise 11 instructions. Maybe I’ll have a dram of whisky instead.


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