Room with a view

July 13, 2009
View from my room up in Manistee. Pretty, innit?

View from my room up in Manistee. Pretty, innit?

It was a longish road trip, but not nearly as bad as when Emmy and I drove back from Las Vegas in one swell foop. For the record, it takes about 31 hours to drive that distance straight through. Also for the record, I slept through Kansas, which remains one of the best decisions I ever made.

I read chapter 4 of Lynch & Horton on the way up and am about to read chapter 5, so I can comment. And then I need to work on the exercises, and hey! Somewhere along the line, the grad student project gets my attention. I think “vacation” doesn’t mean what I think it does. Or something. Right now, my plan is to work on the grad project while catching rays at the beach tomorrow morning-ish with Lake Michigan as my sound track (this is called multi-tasking, and it’s a good thing). Tomorrow afternoon, the multi-tasking ends in favor of tubing down Platte River with Sis’s other sisters and their family. Should be a fun time, if the temperature makes it up there in reasonable fashion.

Right now, however, I think I’ll see if Mom has snacks in the room. There is fried turkey in my future tonight, but I’m hungry now (as evidenced by the whining). Catch y’all on the flip side.


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