Half dead, and *loving* it.

July 8, 2009

Cedar Point was excellent to an infinite degree. I don’t think I’ve ever been when the weather was so perfect, and because we went on a Wednesday, the crowds weren’t really there. We (me, Only Niece and two not-so-random teenagers along for the trip) managed to get on Magnum within 15 minutes, first thing. The lack of wait time was a bit surreal, but the ride is as fun as I remembered. Also rode Iron Dragon and managed to get Sis onto the ride. (Sis who has proclaimed long and loud throughout the past 25 years that she’s never getting on a roller coaster again, no sirree. Hah!) Sis also rode three other coasters, and I’d like to take a moment here to grab credit for that, because no way would she have done that without my gentle encouragement and outright mockery.

Lest you think I was being mean — and yes, okay, I was being mean — the mockery was well deserved. I’ve been saying I want to ride Blue Streak, because at this point, it’s tradition to ride it whenever I go.

She’s been saying, “Oh no! That thing is huge!”

I’ve been saying, “The hell?”

Anyway, as we drove up the causeway, J (random teenager number 2) pointed to the Millennium off in the distance and said, “That’s the Millennium.”

Sis said, “No it isn’t. That’s Blue Streak.”

I said, as we drove closer to the park, “No it isn’t. Blue Streak is that wee little white thing that’s dwarfed by Millennium.” (And yes, I used the word “wee” in my description.)

Cue familiar sounds of outrage and attempts at denial, but in the end, she had to acknowledge that the monster roller coaster of her adolescence has been reduced to the level of training coaster. I was happy, because it meant I could get her on the damn thing, which I did, but geez! Back in the day, there was only one hill where you got air at the bottom. These days? All the hills on Blue Streak get air; I think they sped the thing up. Either way, it was a blast to ride.

Okay, enough about my day. It was beautiful and perfect and I’m so glad we could go (and thoroughly spoil Only Niece for every other amusement park in the world).


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