The good *and* the bad

June 29, 2009

Portions of this post have been redacted for being utterly boring.

In other news, I may end up getting a job at the local libary. The pay is tiny, but it will get me out of the house. Also, I can take my laptop with me and work without interruption, a thing that isn’t always possible at my parents’ place. They mean well, but even Mom admits she finds it too easy to come down and socialize whenever she feels like it.

I’m grateful for the fact that they’ve made a space for me to move back in with them, but there are days when the tension rises quickly. Dad gets that I’m an adult, and he treats me like one. Mom, on the other hand, tends to backslide and ends up treating me like a 10-year-old, which — no. Just — no. We’re going to have to have a come-to-Jesus meeting about it soon if she continues to forget that I’m middle-aged.

Enough of this. The solution will present itself one of these days, and meanwhile, Merlin is on. Watching it is a bit like reading crap!fic — it’s bad for me, and I know it will rot my brain, but I can’t stay away from it.


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